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    Need a Good Formula? Balance the Equation!

    Raghvendra Tripathi No Comments Nov 20,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    Any company focused on its long term health cannot ignore to build its leadership pipeline. However, very few companies pay enough attention to this task. There are companies who have pretty elaborate plans for leadership development and have done a notable job, such as GE, P&G, Unilever to name a few. In India we have seen a near lack of that and the recent experiences of Infosys and Tata’s help infer that corporates have depended more on buying the talent rather than nurturing them. Let us be...

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    Raghvendra Tripathi No Comments Sep 11,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    Over time, while businesses have been seeing transformational changes, HR has seen only incremental changes. In the old economy, elimination of error was of prime importance and therefore HR was tuned to that. Today businesses demand much more. Collaboration, Planning & Innovation is the need of the hour. These are what will help cultivate an environment that harnesses intelligence, creativity and interpersonal skills of employees.

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    Cut the crap! Talk sense

    Raghvendra Tripathi No Comments Jun 08,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    In our last blog we discussed about the importance of strategic HR and the need of HR getting the Board seat. Taking the discussion forward, if we look at the other Board seat holders, quite a few of them are measured one, on hard numbers such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Financial officer and second, these numbers are judged by external stakeholders. For example, a CEO is rated on two parameters, one is top line growth and the bottom line growth and it is the street,...

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    Should HR be a strategic partner for an organization’s survival?

    Raghvendra Tripathi No Comments Apr 24,2015 Ramco HCM Suite

    We have a big disconnect today across the Talent Value Chain available and an Extremely Dynamic Business Landscape. An organization’s strategic goals along with a well-defined organizational structure are the starting point of the talent value chain. Like business strategy, talent strategy addresses the key challenges a company is facing and hence, necessitates a careful examination of business challenges and objectives. As we are ushering into this Idea Based Economy (Resource Based Economy –...

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    Improving Field Service Dramatically

    Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though leadership is frequently fixated at the two extremes of the supply chain—that is, production and consumption—it is in field service that most of the resources are being exhausted. And most of the times, the output is poor. Instead of keeping on pumping manpower into it, perhaps it’s time to give it a critical look and do something different.

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