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    Ship or Shelf

    It’s a well-known fact that the maintenance spend covers about 12-14% of the total operating costs for an airline. Hence, comes the point how efficiently and how effectively airlines can manage their maintenance costs.

    When we talk about maintenance costs, one of the key factors to increase the maintenance cost is No Fault Found (NFF) cases. Recent market study shows that NFF cases directly impact the organizational maintenance cost by 39% in terms of Man Hours Cost, 37% in terms of Repair Cost...

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    You Have A POINT, We Have A SOLUTION

    It’s a well-known fact that maintenance costs itself covers about 12-14% of the total operating expenditure for a company. Naturally, after investing huge amount on maintenance and other operational activities, Airlines and MRO’s are very specific when it comes to the selection of IT Solutions or an ERP system.

    This is where ‘Point solutions’ comes in.

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