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    Unearth your Ideal Payroll Management Partner

    With the business landscape being constantly in a state of evolution, organizational functionalities from operational management to HCM have undergone tremendous transformations. But the overall aim of every business venture is constant - achieving excellence in their area of expertise.  Achieving consistency and innovative perfection in every operational activity is what every organization strives for.

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    Australia economy to grow 2% due to job creation incentives

    South Australia’s small and medium enterprises will receive grants from the state government for each additional job they create in the next two tears. As a way of increasing job creation in South Australia, the State government has passed policy that rewards organizations for extra jobs they create. The state budget set aside $10,000 payable over two years for employers within the business industry whose payrolls do not exceed $5 million, and $4,000 endowment for employers whose payrolls do...

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    Multi-Country Payroll on a unified Platform - Need of the hour

    In the era of globalization, the game-changer that spells success for any HCM solution is its payroll management capabilities across geographies.  With organizations expanding beyond the boundaries of their standard workplace infrastructures and the contingent workforce becoming strong contenders within businesses, managing a harmonious payroll system and providing employees with a seamless experience have become quite a challenge.

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    Moneyball Moment in HR

    HR has traditionally never been associated as a data driven department. We primarily associate it with softer side aspects of managing an organization, be it training, interviewing, employee engagement and talent management. However, this is changing with a more networked society, and transparency of information with employees. The market dynamics is demanding that organizations become agile, nimble and leaner to take on unexpected competitors.

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    Managing in the new society

    As the employees become more connected, informed and decisive, it is not only changing the fabric of the organizations, long used to antiquated Industrial era method of managing employees but also the turning the entire society upside down.

    The question just about everyone is facing, is not about managing the new age worker but about, Quote Un-Quote, “Managing in the next society”.

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