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    Where every minute Counts: Bots for AOG Recovery

    AOG events are straight forward, you can’t plan for the event and it is here to stay. Best is to plan for response. As AOG motto of united Airlines states ‘Five minutes makes the difference’ response needed is within minutes. Airlines’ AOG desk role is significant in the recovery. AOG which is primarily a maintenance event also triggers the cascading supply chain events such as sourcing, logistics, payments & even reverse logistics of unserviceable items.

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    Leveraging Power by Hour (PBH) agreements for better operational efficiencies

    Aviation Industry is focusing on cost cutting across the board, the major being Fuel, Operations, Maintenance, and Inventory costs. One of the proven ways in the industry for minimizing inventory costs is through Power by Hour (PBH) agreements.

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    Airline Alliances – E&M Imperative

    It’s a fact that passengers benefit significantly by flying in an Airline which is part of 3 major global alliances; Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team. For example a person flying in star alliance member airline can connect to 1269 airports in 193 countries seamlessly. Alliance members get benefited by getting access to the member’s seat capacity, network destinations and optimized route economics.

    Do these alliances offer any benefits to the MRO side of business?

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    Line Of Sight- RFID In Aviation

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) isbeing implemented in almost all industries and Aviation is no exception as almost every key asset is Mobile.ATA has brought amendment to the Chapter 9 of SPEC 2000 to incorporate the RFID standards in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) standards.FAA also mandates the tags in aviation should comply with AS5678.

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    Airline E&M: India - Winds of Change

    The recently concluded Airline E&M conference at New Delhi focusing on India’s Aviation saw wide participation from commercial and general aviation companies, leading MRO’s from India & abroad and Global OEM‘s. Speakers from various organizations discussed the important market developments, key challenges faced, opportunities for growth and most importantly, the Indian government’s renewed focus in this Industry.

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