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    Could Solution: Evaded ‘The Emergency landing’, Made You 7 Crores Richer & Simplified ‘The Mammoth Task’?

    Point to Ponder- 1:

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    Integrating M&E Application with The Machines of Tomorrow

    I was with Donald (the shift in charge at a main stream airline) at the hanger when the sight of the cross wind landing made my heart skip a couple of beats. The strong crosswind took its toll on the pilots and clipped off the left wingtip of the B7X7. As the pilot brought the bird to a halt, Don’s hand held device broke the silence with a sharp beep.

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    The Solution That Saved The Airline And My Christmas Eve!

    Christmas Eve last year, I was getting late for home. Even though I’m the flight operation controller, the only thought on my mind, while finishing off the last chores of the day, was of my family at the dinner table with a roasted turkey eagerly awaiting me!

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