Happily Ever After - RODE helps F&B Company Have the Cake and Eat it too

    Yet another happy customer story has appeared in print! This time the customer is Great Food and Beverages (GFB) for whom Ramco offered its expertise in the form of RODE to increase productivity. And as they say, the rest is history…

    Imagine being trapped in a vehicle that took you to your destination in record time at breakneck speed! You’d love the fact that you were getting to your destination faster but you’d hate the fact that the control was not in your hands. That’s exactly how Great Foods and Beverages (GFB) felt when they found their dream outrunning their vision.

    Would an ERP implementation solve all their bottle-necks? Or would it turn out to be the biggest bottle-neck of all in a time-strapped, competitive environment?

    Click here to know how RODE helped GFB get a grip and made them scale greater heights, click the links below.

    Well, after all the Cloud is the limit!

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    Admin Kripaa

    Written by Admin Kripaa

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