How to Select a Cloud PaaS

    For companies that need to develop their own solutions in the cloud, PaaS is a godsend. Having a common platform drive the entire business helps reduce ripple-effects and minimizes maintenance issues. But one important question remains: How do you select a PaaS solution? Simply comparing the features is not much help, as most cloud computing solutions are built on the same technology.

    How to Select a Cloud PaaS

    Here’s a list of parameters companies should consider when opting for a new PaaS:

    • Dependencies: Try to figure out what kind of lock-in you’d be accepting by going ahead with a given PaaS solution. Would you be veering from the mainstream, or would you be left dependent on a single vendor forever? Some kind of dependency will always be created, so you need to be clear at the start.
    • Vendor reputation: Cloud computing is not a technology, it’s a paradigm. That means how a vendor sees cloud computing has a great effect on how successful their implementations become. Before you zero down on a vendor, ask for existing customers and discuss the ins and outs with them.
    • Value-add: Choosing one platform over another always brings some unique benefits. Find out what differentiator you will be getting by choosing a particular platform. For instance, one of the products might integrate better with your existing assets.
    • Security: Finally, make sure the PaaS follows the latest industry guidelines for ensuring maximum security. And while you are at it, take time to understand and scrutinize the vendor SLAs.

    Features can be deceptive in choosing a PaaS solution. Follow these tips and make sure that your choices are more informed.

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