Improving Field Service Dramatically

    Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though leadership is frequently fixated at the two extremes of the supply chain—that is, production and consumption—it is in field service that most of the resources are being exhausted. And most of the times, the output is poor. Instead of keeping on pumping manpower into it, perhaps it’s time to give it a critical look and do something different.

    Here are some tips to make sure your field service is actually delivering:

    • Leverage mobile devices: Mobile devices are not just consumer electronics; in fact, tablets are perfectly suited for optimizing several of the important inventory functions. This will help you capture data in real-time, reduce paperwork—and thus, errors—and integrate several functions into a single point.
    • Sales from service: Having a sales team is good, but there are other avenues you can explore when it comes to spotting opportunities. We are talking of the service teams here, who are part of informal but important conversations and trends that can have a huge long-tail impact. An organization that captures this input wisely can create a niche that will be near-impossible to beat.
    • Simpler software: And last but not the least, your express focus should be on making software simpler. This may sound elementary, but there’s no telling how many resources are wasted when people have to jump through various hoops to get everyday tasks done quickly. The key to that is to accept a software system only after a field test.

    Field service is quite the backbone of your logistics. Improving this will bring about dramatic improvement in efficiency and margins.

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