Introducing Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud

    A lot of technological development is happening around the world and every day the cloud is growing more potent. The demand for cloud products is at an all-time high! Ramco Systems just launched Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the cloud that help customers get a feel of having a cloud-based ERP to handle their business smoothly.

    So, ladies and gentlemen! Put your hands together for the two new offerings we have just launched on the cloud - Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud! With the launch of the Analytics and Gateway Products, Ramco Systems has yet again established its position as the leading cloud-based ERP player. The event took place at the Park Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chennai attended by numerous media personnel, customers patronizing Ramco OnDemand ERP and Ramco’s top management.

    Mr. Kamesh Ramamoorthy, COO of Ramco Systems spoke about the company’s achievements, unique features and advantages of the products being launched and plans for further development. Addressing the media, Mr. P. R. Venketrama Raja, Vice-Chairman and CEO of the company said, “We are one of the few ERP companies in the world who have completely re-architected the ERP product to make it unique. It has high automation and its architecture is such that it requires little programming to adapt to changing business requirements — yet it is simple, flexible, standard and powerful.” He also provided more details of the company, its products and services in a Q&A session that followed.

    To know more about Ramco OnDemand ERP, visit

    To know more about Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the cloud, click here

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