Now ERP is for Everyone to Benefit From!

    It is widely believed that ERP has long been the preserve of big business. Smaller firms have been left out in the cold if they want the kind of features and functionality that large enterprises have come to take for granted. Ramco's latest gambit slices up its existing hosted ERP offering into modules that are self-contained and can be deployed one at a time so that a business with a turnover of, say, Rs. 50 lakhs that would usually be unable to even dream of a proper ERP system, can start with a single module or 'gateway' as Ramco calls it and, as its needs grow, it can bolt on additional gateways/modules.

    Prashant L. Rao writes in the current edition of Express Computer Online, “Ramco's got an interesting strategy of offering discrete components of its on-demand ERP solution in order to tap companies that would otherwise not be in a position to afford an ERP solution.”

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