Logistics Service Providers – Prepare for the Imminent – Part 3

    In the last blog post, we saw a curtain raiser of the super-disruptive technological innovations that are waiting to transform the logistics landscape. Winning in this transformative environment requires the smart adoption of these technologies. The recent years have seen many start-ups mushroom in the logistics landscape. In addition, the concept of “sharing” has expanded into a potential business model thanks to platform technologies; cloud-based solutions and network-centric innovations....

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    Logistics Service Providers –Prepare for the Imminent – Part 2

    In the first blog post of this series, we took a quick peek at the brilliant technology- and data-driven innovations and business models that are disrupting today’s logistics landscape. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the most discussed and anticipated innovations in this industry. We will also evaluate the challenges that logistics service providers (LSPs) are facing despite such promising solutions simplifying the entire ecosystem.

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    Logistics Service Providers –Prepare for the Imminent – Part 1


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    RamcoGEEK! Taking employee authentication to a new technological dimension

    RamcoGEEK!, our facial recognition system, has revolutionized the time and attendance module across our organization, with successful deployments across our Chennai, Gurgaon, Singapore, and Malaysia offices. A critical element empowering frictionless computing in Ramco’s workforce management solutions, RamcoGEEK! effortlessly scans and identifies more than 500 employees every day.
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    Six Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Logistics: Force 6-Powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics in Logistics

    David Rogers 2 Comments Feb 05,2018

    Accurate and organized data is a requirement for today’s logistics / supply chain manager. Business intelligence, such as algorithm-based optimal pricing models, pattern or usage based best practice recommendations, and real-time inventory management helps to analyze the critical areas of the logistics/ supply chain network. This allows for well-informed insights that leverage key business drivers, optimizing the logistics / supply chain process.

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