Enterprise Cardiogram – The first step towards your Digital Transformation Journey

    In today's world, time has shrunk unimaginably to become a precious resource - Minutes define whether an organization can compete in business or not. The stopwatch starts from the moment the customer places an order and ticks busily until the customer receives the delivery. In San Francisco city, if Amazon is able to shrink its delivery time from days to hours (and even to minutes in certain verticals); Walmart is forced to match or beat this benchmark, otherwise it risks its business. Isn’t...

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    Meet the David among the Goliaths in HCM

    It was June 2013, when Ramco HCM on Cloud was born as a standalone offering ready to be sold and marketed, across the globe. Within 4 years of its launch, today we hold the distinction of becoming the ONLY Asia Pacific based HR Vendor to have been positioned in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites for Midmarket and Large Enterprises.

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    New World of Work

    Yes, you heard it right! In this globally dynamic world where strategies need to be adopted to suit global economic situations, employee engagement becomes an imperative to sustain your continued growth momentum. We are definitely not living in the golden era of 70s or 80s where business policies used to take a substantial amount of time before any turnaround strategic intervention. Today business policies need to be aligned with the global order and so are the employee engagement tools to...

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    Dimensions of ERP Evaluation: Is Your ERP Future Ready?

    Balaji R No Comments Jul 25,2017

    An ERP implementation is a long term commitment. A buyer can do a good job in selecting the ERP products and implementation partners as outlined in earlier blogs (Blog 1 & blog 2) for his current needs. However, is your ERP geared up to your future needs?

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    Dimensions of ERP Evaluation: Implementation Capabilities

    Mr. George hires a very efficient car to take a long road journey in the hills. Can he rely on a driver who has never driven in the hilly terrain? Can he embark on the journey without a route map or a GPS?  Similarly will you consider an ERP which does not have experienced implementation partners or a well-defined implementation methodology? So what should a company evaluating an ERP should look for, when it comes to implementation capabilities?

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