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    Multi-Country Payroll on a unified Platform - Need of the hour

    In the era of globalization, the game-changer that spells success for any HCM solution is its payroll management capabilities across geographies.  With organizations expanding beyond the boundaries of their standard workplace infrastructures and the contingent workforce becoming strong contenders within businesses, managing a harmonious payroll system and providing employees with a seamless experience have become quite a challenge.

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    A Giant Leap from Direct Sales to Social Selling - Part 2

    STONE AGE to DIGITAL AGE - Social Selling – With a Selling HERO

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    A Giant Leap from Direct Sales to Social Selling - Part 1

    “Buying and selling is essentially antisocial” -Edward Bellamy

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    Rise of the Puma Empire

    Agility and adaptability defining perennial success for today's organizations

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    ERP for EPC: Square Pegs, Square Holes

    Whenever ink bleeds over a line, blood and sweat soon follow. Nodding already? Check this out

    EVERY genius architect was once just a kid with a box of crayons and a big sheet of paper. With the drawing teacher’s simple rule holding his fingers – never let your sun, cloud, hill, cottage, fish, crow, tree, boat cross the boundary.

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