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    Analytics for All

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Jul 04,2012 BFSI, Best Practices, Others

    When business analytics tools were first introduced, they were restricted to the companies doing online marketing and related research. The idea was to track the constant stream of visitors coming to the website and optimizing ad campaigns. While the highly important role analytics play in online businesses is apparent, the strategies of data analytics can be applied to just about any industry that collects data – and that includes everyone.

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    The RODE Map to Cost Planning and Control

    For manufacturing and service-based industries, projecting the cash inflow and outflow are very challenging, especially when they are expanding or diversifying their portfolio. Planning and allocating budgets involve a lot of analysis and attention to detail. In companies that lack an integrated system, the senior management team depends on manual inputs from various departments while calculating or projecting income and expenses. In these cases, the probability that the budgeting and cost...

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    The RODE Map for Managing Financials :: Case Study from Media Industry

    Having four major lines of business and three TV channels, a newly established media organization headquartered in Mumbai, was planning to diversify into regional language space. The goal of the organization was to foray into the Indian Media sector and establish itself as a leading player.

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    Analytics Made Easy - The Wonder of Business Intelligence

    Ramco Banking Analytics, a pre-built BI and Performance Management application is a ready fit for the needs for banks today, in terms of the functionality. The tool offers wide-spread analysis across all its business lines while adhering to the time span usually desired for implementation.

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    Business Intelligence - How Do We Achieve Strategic Alignment?

    As data warehousing matured in the 1990s, a considerable body of expertise developed around the task of aligning the use of Business Intelligence with organizational strategies. Steve and Nancy Williams from Decision Path Consulting explain that essentially, the alignment process is a matter of four activities:

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