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    How Logistics Chatbots can alter Customer Engagement?

    When the year 2016 began, Chatbot was a relatively obscure term. A few companies started experimenting with Chatbots. Facebook introduced a platform supporting bots in April 2016 and within 6 months, there were at least 30000 Chatbots on FB Messenger catering to the 1 Billion strong FB Messenger active users. Around the same time, Microsoft has been throwing up prototypes around various Bots concepts. Leading magazines like Time, Economist, and Forbes came up with articles on Chatbots. By...

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    Where every minute Counts: Bots for AOG Recovery

    AOG events are straight forward, you can’t plan for the event and it is here to stay. Best is to plan for response. As AOG motto of united Airlines states ‘Five minutes makes the difference’ response needed is within minutes. Airlines’ AOG desk role is significant in the recovery. AOG which is primarily a maintenance event also triggers the cascading supply chain events such as sourcing, logistics, payments & even reverse logistics of unserviceable items.

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