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    Scorecard Vs Dashboard

    Scorecard is a Business Performance Measurement (BPM) used mostly at senior management level to view the business performance through indicators. This helps theorganization do a pulse check to see how the business is performing towards achieving the strategic goals in different units of business which are operating as per the strategy map.

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    Business Intelligence – Present And Future

    Any walk of life would need intelligence and when it comes to business, intelligence is the top most priority. Usually business depends on Intelligence for Growth, Profitability, Asset / Liability Management, Resources Planning, Market Requirements, Hierarchy Planning, etc. However, with time the methods of business have leapt to different levels. Auditability / Accountability / Participative Management have become the latest mantra. BI has transformed into a tool of regulation in recent times....

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    Business Intelligence for Banks

    Business Intelligence is Intelligent Banking

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    After the factors pushing BI and the benefits of BI covered in Part1 , Part2 and Part3, it is time to look at the future. Did you know that in-memory analytics tools can be invaluable? Read below to learn more!

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    With Part1 and Part2 covering the factors pushing BI and the way it is being used by the companies, Part3 will throw light on the benefits of deploying BI and how will it evolve in the year of 2013.

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