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    ERP Taxation now gets Multi country Flavor

    Asia Pacific is known for its history and culturally rich heritage. Post the World Wars, APAC has shown tremendous growth and proved itself as the emerging economic strength in Global business scenario. Most of the MNCs make it a priority to do business in this area and have set up regional hubs to make the best use out of the market. However, the biggest challenge or bottleneck these multinational organizations face are the complexities in the regional tax and regulatory systems. For example,...

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    Are Customizations Really Possible in Cloud Enterprise Apps?

    Every book on accounting and commerce talks about business’ perpetual existence and uniqueness. It is the latter quality that gets emphasized so much that everything that a business needs doesn’t fit in a standard, already made software. The level of customization upto which a product can adapt practically decides its stay in the market. If a business expects everything to suit its needs, the enterprise application that helps run it all becomes no exception.

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    Security Issues while Switching from One Cloud Platform to Another

    With more and more organizations choosing to migrate their existing infrastructure to a cloud model, the first move is often to a private cloud for various reasons. Later down the line, however, it may be necessary to migrate again, to a public cloud this time. The reasons for these transitions are numerous, but an evident advantage of hybrid public/private cloud architecture or fully public systems is greatly reduced costs. Utilizing a third-party cloud provider's systems enables greater...

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    Accelerating the Service to Execution Cycle

    Customers are, without a second thought, the most important part of a business. Building a loyal customer base has long term gains, especially for retail businesses. A fluid service to execution process is thus vital for a business to be successful. A manual system to sort complaints and allocations is highly inefficient when there are over a hundred customers with a high frequency of service calls. The velocity, volume and variety of complaints would eventually reach a tipping point. Managing...

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    Cloud Security Issues – A fading worry

    2013 is probably going to be the year in which a large proportion of users would board the Cloud ship. That being said, at the back of their minds many people have an ‘unreasonable’ fear of facing security issues with the technology. With the advancement in Cloud tech, there are very few real security threats present for the Cloud. There are ample reasons as to why people should stop doubting the Cloud. Most of the phobia regarding the cloud stems up from some confusion rather than an actual...

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