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    Digital Workplace - The Harbinger of an Era of Changes from Gig Economy to Smart Machines

    With the entire humankind in the midst of a digital revolution, every minor to major aspect of life has gone digital - from entertainment to healthcare. With such disruptive changes happening all around us, can our workplaces be far behind? Yes, organizations are fast transforming into digital workplaces.

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    Ayush Agrawal enlists RODE 2.0 benefits

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    RODE 2.0 is gen-next product

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    Electronic Publishing

    Chandrasekar Vijayakumar Team Leader (E-Publishing)

    Electronic Publishing—Some Important Know-How

    The electronic publishing situation is changing so rapidly that it is virtually impossible to keep up. The Internet and the World Wide Web are growing by leaps and bounds. New tools are introduced every week. Java and other browser application packages are introduced with great fanfare. Microsoft and Netscape are vying for dominance of the network market by adding extensions to their browsers,...

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    Roles in Engagement

    Ranganathan Jagannathan General Manager - Projects

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