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    Equipment Rental Industry – getting ready to be disrupted?

    Equipment Rental Industry has been growing in US and in many other parts of the world. The size of market in US is already USD40bn while in Europe it is Euro23bn+. These are markets with reasonably high rental penetration – US has 53% while UK in excess of 75%. Consider a market like India, where Rental Penetration is around 10% but GDP is growing at 7%+ and is expected to grow at an even faster rate in the coming years. This presents a huge opportunity for growth of Equipment Rental Industry...

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    Should Your Vendor Be Regional or International?

    Much has been written about the crucial—or as some call it, “make or break”—role played by the cloud vendor. As the cloud market soars, it’s becoming increasingly important to distinguish between the lookalike services and figure out who would be a perfect fit. One important consideration in this regard is that of vendor territory. Should the vendor be regional, or is it better to go international?

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    ERM Made Simple

    Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy construction equipment, vehicles, testing meters etc. Companies were utilizing specific rental management software to manage rentals, financials, service automation, CRM and reporting functionality. These solutions were only able to automate and address individual verticals like rentals, maintenance or distribution. This has forced organizations to implement these narrowly focused solutions and integrate...

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