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    The Case of a Double-Shot

    Isn’t it strange that while the Titanic was built by professionals, the Ark was made by amateurs?

    MR. SHARMA is the best neighbor in a certain society (let’s not take names) in a certain two-tier town in India. That’s not just because he is accomplished, compassionate, intelligent, warm, cheerful and a good citizen. But more so because he gives ample reasons to his neighbours to gossip behind his back. The criticism that keeps these neighbours and their tongues pleasantly occupied is about his...

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    Can you Go Lean with your ERP?

    Lean and ERP – “A shotgun wedding”or “A happily ever after”?

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    Top Five Inventory Priorities For Manufacturers

    Karthikeyan No Comments Jan 24,2014 ERP Know More, Others

    Managing inventory well is hard enough, but what makes it harder in the long run is the bottleneck caused by the absence of critical parameters. Here are the most important inventory metrics that manufacturers need to be aware of :

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    ERP Implementation Success Factors - 1

    Prajit K Jayarajan No Comments Jan 23,2014 ERP Know More, Others

    An ERP implementation is generally viewed as being complex and challenging and is perceived with a deep sense of apprehension. This is accentuated by the many articles, case studies and marketing headlines on ERP success stories (and failures!). On the contrary, there have not been too many pointers on what,the success factors really are and how an ERP success is really measured.

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    License Audits: Get Rid Of The Elephant From Your Room

    Space is more than a five-lettered word that describes physical dimensions. It’s hard to understand its abstract quintessence unless you have been a room-mate to someone. Good room-mates share more than just rent. They slice everything – bills, TV time, bathroom hours, refrigerator boxes, secrets, understanding, and of course, space.

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