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    Why do some ERP Implementation Projects under-deliver value or fail ?

    Over the past few years in ERP implementations across the Globe, I curiously browsed through a couple of case studies to understand why more than 50% of the ERP Projects either under-deliver value, take longer than expected or costs exceedingly more than the budget.

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    Dealer Management System – a Critical link in Principal-Dealer Ecosystem

    In the very competitive automobile industry, every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is trying to woo the customers to increase their market share. “Customer is the king “and all the O.E’S and their dealer network” are working extra to reach to the new customers and also improve the customer retention.

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    The Broken Myths

    I know a friend who recently started a company. He created a financial product for the other startups. No doubt that the product was great and very useful. He kept on asking his friends for the feedback including me and we gave him generous feedback and helped him improve upon the product. Everything was done and he launched the product.

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    Improving Field Service Dramatically

    Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though leadership is frequently fixated at the two extremes of the supply chain—that is, production and consumption—it is in field service that most of the resources are being exhausted. And most of the times, the output is poor. Instead of keeping on pumping manpower into it, perhaps it’s time to give it a critical look and do something different.

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    Are You Future Ready?

    For the smooth functioning of a business, it is essential that the roster is managed well. What is meant by it is, the company should have plans to fill in vacancies (especially the unexpected ones). If you don’t have a well nurtured bench of talents, there might be crippling stutters in case of an unexpected shift in the business. Succession planning is the way out of this.

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