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    Selecting the Right Virtualized Project Management Tool

    With virtual becoming a mainstay for many IT companies, there is now a gradual shift towards project management also going virtual. That makes sense also from the business perspective, as projects today are spread across geographies and virtual management is an optimum solution.

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    ERM Made Simple

    Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy construction equipment, vehicles, testing meters etc. Companies were utilizing specific rental management software to manage rentals, financials, service automation, CRM and reporting functionality. These solutions were only able to automate and address individual verticals like rentals, maintenance or distribution. This has forced organizations to implement these narrowly focused solutions and integrate...

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    Cloud Balancing to Improve the App performance

    The process of routing user requests to application instances residing in multiple clouds can be termed as Cloud Balancing. This is also considered to be a logical extension of Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) which ensures that all servers are loaded equally and overloading of particular server due to specific hosted application can be avoided. The ultimate aim is to ensure high availability and maximum performance of hosted applications.

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    Managing and Monitoring the Cloud

    For an organization to have more control over their cloud-based solutions, it is essential that they monitor and measure the activities happening on the cloud. This holds true for the service providers especially when they are catering to a large number of clients.

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    RODE System for Trading Business :: A Case Study

    Founded in 1982, Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited (RTUL) is a world leader in the production of ultrasonic machines. Right from the early stages the company has successfully unveiled high efficiency ultrasonic transducers, flaw detectors and thickness gauges that were widely used for non-destructive testing, sonochemistry and other specialized applications. An Indo-Swiss joint venture, RTUL has modern manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Mumbai with more than 15 sales and service offices...

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