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    Cheerful Time for Buyers but a Recurring Nightmare for the Unplanned Logistics Player

    Naval Sabharwal No Comments Dec 28,2015 Logistics

    It's going to be Christmas - the most anticipated weekend across the globe! It’s the time when consumers make merry with out-of-the-ordinary offers coming their way. But this season also rings in every online and in-store vendor’s logistics nightmare. From tracking, packing, and loading consignments to managing returns and facing unprecedented delays due to natural calamities and man-made hindrances, every seller is on the edge of the seat until all the delivery promises are kept. So, what’s...

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    Think of New distribution strategies

    Aswin K No Comments Apr 30,2014 Logistics

    The challenges for the distribution channel could be easily taken care by a good WMS system in place . Distribution centers now a days are under constant pressure to be faster, more accurate and more efficient, while at the same time accommodating the fickle demands of the end customer. Some macro-level supply chain trends are making a dramatic impact on distribution. In the retail channel, consumers have ratcheted up their expectations around doing business with a brand, expecting a seamless...

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    Centralizing in the Shipping & Logistics Industry

    Aswin K No Comments Aug 12,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Recent steps taken in the Middle East and various other countries to protect their citizen’s job interests have put some pressure on the private sector management. The regulation for minimum wages and quality of resource has become a challenging issue for many sectors, including Shipping and Logistics. This problem is at a nascent stage and many countries across the globe are expected to follow suite in protecting the interests of the local people, which is necessary as far as a country’s...

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    Geospatial Technology in the Logistics Industry

    Geospatial Decision Making (GeoDec) systems accurately integrates satellite imagery, three-dimensional models, textures and video streams, road data, maps, point data etc... Such systems are very effective and help in handling logistics, especially container tracking.

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    Delivering at the Anchorage and the Deep Sea!

    Aswin K No Comments Jun 19,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Emergency logistics techniques are currently used to deliver the spare parts required for a ship as soon as possible onboard the vessel during offshore logistics activities. But emergency techniques are not the way to handle any requirement every time. Considering this necessity, Ramco Systems looks at how best we can help the shipping companies to be time sensitive and deliver the spares and marine parts as scheduled.

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