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    What About Having A Logistics & Shipping Package?

    Aswin K No Comments Jun 06,2013 Logistics, Industry Solutions

    Apart from the generally known fact that Ramco’s Shipping & Transportation Management Solution Suite is an end-to-end solution with rich features and best-in-class functionality, Ramco now adds more color to its Shipping and Logistics module with the new user friendly and stylish screens that the Gen-Y interface offers. To add to that, keeping in mind the current set of new-age users, Ramco has focused on providing professionals with solutions ‘On the Go’. One can now access their system from...

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    Providing a pattern for Replacement Decisions

    Step into a factory and you will hear the clink, chug, hammer and bang of machinery and gear moving in constant harmony. A veritable needle in the works is enough to throw any smooth flowing operation completely out of sync. This is where factories depend on the replacement theory. With this theory one will be able to create a pattern of predicting when certain parts of machinery require replacements.

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    Ramco signs pact with Columbia Helicopters

    Columbia Helicopters Incorporated (CHI), a world leader in heavy lift helicopter operations has purchased Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation software suite to manage all aspects of their operations, including aircraft manufacturing, helicopter maintenance operations and MRO.

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    T'way set to fly high with Ramco

    T’way Airlines is in the process of implementing Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation M&E software. The software, which will be interfaced to the T’way flight operating system, is expected to introduce best industry practices in the maintenance of the aircraft and reduce aircraft turnaround times.

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    ERP for Automobile Industry

    According to industry reports* every year, India manufactures more than 11 million automobiles and commercial vehicles making it the seventh largest automobile manufacturer in the world and fourth largest exporter in Asia. 75% of the vehicles produced are two wheelers and about 16% of them are passenger cars. At present, it is a 35 billion dollar industry providing employment to about 13 million people.

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