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    The Future of ERP and its Impact on Manufacturing

    The advent of ERP has significantly boosted efficiency and simplified back-office process automation in a wide range of manufacturing industries. This spreads across discrete and process production based industries. The biggest beneficiaries of such automation were without a doubt the large enterprises as they were the early adopters of ERP systems. Their SME counterparts were fence sitters, but soon realized the potential ERP offered and followed suit.

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    Why has Manufacturing Software Become so Popular?

    An ERP solution is fast becoming a requirement in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is used for Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Accounting or Production Planning & Scheduling, the industry is rapidly adopting an ERP solution to improve efficiency and aid growth. It has been aided by various market trends such as vendor consolidation, intelligent inventory tagging, adoption of cloud technologies and the use of mobile devices.

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    ERP for the Pipe Manufacturing Industry

    Organizations place a high value on specialists. It is because they believe that a specialist adds more value than a jack of all trades. Then why is it that when it comes to ERP solutions, companies implement standard solutions and then spend time, money and effort in training the staff to work with it. For an ERP solution to add value to the business, it needs to cater to the specific requirements of the industry.

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    Mobility on The Shop Floor

    As the world moves on day after day in every walk of life, an interesting phenomenon is settling itself into enterprise computing space as well. Mobile solutions are storming into enterprise application space. And it’s happening quickly as well.

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    Providing a pattern for Replacement Decisions

    Step into a factory and you will hear the clink, chug, hammer and bang of machinery and gear moving in constant harmony. A veritable needle in the works is enough to throw any smooth flowing operation completely out of sync. This is where factories depend on the replacement theory. With this theory one will be able to create a pattern of predicting when certain parts of machinery require replacements.

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