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    How Outsourcing Infostructure helps recognize Cost Savings?

    Glitzy stalls depict Flight Ops solutions. Booths with men attired clearly beyond the call of the occasion demonstrate point-solutions on iPads & Mobile Devices. And an entire town agrees on how boring Darmstadt is, a town south-east of Frankfurt that scarcely registers in a German’s consciousness, let alone a visitor.

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    Cloud Computing :: The Indian Scenario

    India and China are two major players in the cloud computing arena. Subscription based service model and cost effectiveness are two important factors that drive more and more Indian companies and SME’s to enter and utilize cloud-based applications.

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    T'way set to fly high with Ramco

    T’way Airlines is in the process of implementing Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation M&E software. The software, which will be interfaced to the T’way flight operating system, is expected to introduce best industry practices in the maintenance of the aircraft and reduce aircraft turnaround times.

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    Cloud computing set to boost Global Economy

    Five years back, cloud computing was perceived as yet another jargon by IT fanatics but right now, it is seen as a tactical strategy to boost performance and sales. At present, industry experts strongly agree that cloud computing is a strategic IT solution for major business problems. It is also seen as an essential ingredient to position any business on top of the game.

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    Ramco enjoys 'Loyal' treatment

    Amidst stiff competition, Ramco systems has received the highest brand loyalty in ERP software category, from the small and medium enterprises of India (with 100 to 499 employees) – according to PCQuest Users Choice Awards Survey 2011. The results, which were announced in the latest issue claims that Ramco has made it to the top, rivaling industry giants like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

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