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    Listen to your Employees to find New Ideas

    When you run a business, a time comes when you are eventually out of ideas. If you co-own a business, you would probably turn to your partner for more ideas. The more fresh brains you have at your disposal, the better you can handle the creative load. Imagine, having all of your employees thinking for the betterment of the business. It might seem a subtle idea, but employees are probably the best source for new ideas. They are closest to the work, and are better equipped to see new...

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    Understanding Network Visibility

    Consumerization of IT has led to an overlap when it comes to technology, as is being seen in the latest trend of BYOD. However, it also has key repercussions for enterprise networks, which are increasingly facing the risk of not having enough visibility to tackle major challenges. This will have a lasting impact on how security is enforced within an enterprise network, and what the limits of detection systems are.

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    ERM Made Simple

    Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy construction equipment, vehicles, testing meters etc. Companies were utilizing specific rental management software to manage rentals, financials, service automation, CRM and reporting functionality. These solutions were only able to automate and address individual verticals like rentals, maintenance or distribution. This has forced organizations to implement these narrowly focused solutions and integrate...

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    Dealing with Vendors and Talent Oriented Services

    Large corporations usually work with multiple vendors for their raw materials, packaging services or distribution of products. “Vendor Management” is a term that denotes the tools and processes that are in place to manage, procure or contract various utilities from the vendors. Globalization during the nineties led to the maturity of businesses across the globe that changed the way businesses used to function. Vendors were treated as partners and businesses started encouraging their partners...

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    6 reasons why you should attend the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2011

    The digital decade has witnessed the emergence of various technologies that have prioritized IT more than any other vertical. Gartner Symposium/IT Expo is the industry's only event to deliver the insights, tools and relationships that are necessary to create, validate and execute transformative business technology strategies.

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