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    ERP Implementation - A horror Story ?

    Rupesh No Comments Sep 30,2015 ERP On Cloud

    Came across an interesting ebook recently published by Software Advice - a Gartner company (this blog is in collaboration with the same). The ebook helps understand where others went wrong and what you can learn from them to ensure a smooth ERP implementation at your organization. It also talks about some of the best practices for avoiding ERP implementation failures.

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    Cost Benefit Analysis in ERP

    Rupesh No Comments Sep 21,2015 ERP On Cloud

    The famous Ford Pinto Case is a renowned illustration of how an organization can get muddled up in Cost Benefit analysis. The costs due to Ford Pinto design flaw was about $49.5 million, ie. based on probable accident rate. This was much less than the cost of issuing a recall which was $137.5M Hence Ford decided not to recall the cars according to the CBA. Ford overlooked the costs of negative publicity and eventually had to anyway recall the cars. The CBA by Ford was the decision that was...

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    ERP Taxation now gets Multi country Flavor

    Asia Pacific is known for its history and culturally rich heritage. Post the World Wars, APAC has shown tremendous growth and proved itself as the emerging economic strength in Global business scenario. Most of the MNCs make it a priority to do business in this area and have set up regional hubs to make the best use out of the market. However, the biggest challenge or bottleneck these multinational organizations face are the complexities in the regional tax and regulatory systems. For example,...

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    Quick and Intuitive Role Based Workspaces

    Ramco EAM on Cloud offers role based WorkSpace for key user’s roles, including Maintenance Manager; Maintenance Planner & Scheduler thus revolutionizing the way a user leverages IT systems to accomplish day-to-day business transactions with few clicks from a single window. Ramco’s strategy is to cut the clutter and make users life simple with better performance and improved efficiency.

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    Information: Do Not Share, Just Commoditize?

    Information, is it mine or yours?

    In today's social globe, information travels much faster than what the author expected. While this brings in great reach for the author, within an organisation, this does not get any great degree of acceptance.

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