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    Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

    Admin Kripaa No Comments Feb 06,2013 Newsroom, Events, Press releases

    Ramco ERP on Cloud has taken another stride towards becoming available globally. Partnering with Google’s Enterprise team, Ramco systems has added the feature of Location-awareness and capabilities of visualization to its base products. Ramco systems will deliver these features by integrating Google Maps with Ramco’s ERP on Cloud solution.Owing to this, Ramco users will be able to monitor their business from anywhere, anytime.

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    Air India flies high with Ramco Aviation

    Ramco Systems Ltd is proud to announce that we have successfully gone live with Ramco Aviation Suite at Air India. The implementation of the Ramco Aviation Suite will help Air India maintain its entire fleet of 125+ of Boeing and Airbus, including the Dreamliners.

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    How Outsourcing Infostructure helps recognize Cost Savings?

    Glitzy stalls depict Flight Ops solutions. Booths with men attired clearly beyond the call of the occasion demonstrate point-solutions on iPads & Mobile Devices. And an entire town agrees on how boring Darmstadt is, a town south-east of Frankfurt that scarcely registers in a German’s consciousness, let alone a visitor.

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    ERM Made Simple

    Equipment rental business spans from shop floor tools, machinery, cranes, lifts to heavy construction equipment, vehicles, testing meters etc. Companies were utilizing specific rental management software to manage rentals, financials, service automation, CRM and reporting functionality. These solutions were only able to automate and address individual verticals like rentals, maintenance or distribution. This has forced organizations to implement these narrowly focused solutions and integrate...

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    Ramco signs pact with Columbia Helicopters

    Columbia Helicopters Incorporated (CHI), a world leader in heavy lift helicopter operations has purchased Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation software suite to manage all aspects of their operations, including aircraft manufacturing, helicopter maintenance operations and MRO.

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