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    Tech In Logistics: Part 2- Exceeding Customer Expectations

    We started our seven blog series on Logistics, Tech In Logistics, starting with a blog on Managing the Dynamic Environment. This blog is the second in the series & covers another important aspect in the logistics space. With most logistic influencers clamoring for attention - from globalization to competitive markets - one unlikely contender suddenly rose to prominence as being one of the most significant performance indicators and a key differentiator of every logistics provider. This...

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    Ayush Agrawal enlists RODE 2.0 benefits

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    Need for a Robust ERP


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    RODE 2.0 is gen-next product

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    Chess Champ Viswanathan Anand Unveils RODE 2.0

    Vishwanathan Anand with PR Venketrama Raja, CEO, Ramco Systems unveiling the product
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