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    Search Your Winning Formula!

    Knowledge is power, but time can be our enemy. Remember the last time we spent hours in simply trying to locate relevant data to solve a problem? You know the data exist in the system but don’t always know where to find it. The fact that the business environment is too fast paced and competitive, we don’t find the luxury to search for the data for hours, days or weeks to navigate mountains of data. When you need information, you need it now and you need it in the right context. If only you...

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    Business Intelligence doesn’t Guarantee Smart Business Decisions

    The true essence of Business Intelligence lies not in simply implementing the system, but ensuring that it works for your organization.

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    Procurement Solution Landscape for Banks- Part-2

    Jasneet Bagga No Comments Jul 26,2013 Ramco Analytics Suite

    Having understood the basics of e procurement solutions and few reasons why banks would need them in part1, below is the landscape of the procurement market and what could be the recommended solution for your bank!

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    Procurement Solution Landscape for Banks- Part1

    Enhance profitability and remain a cost competitive bank through efficient Procurement Solution

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    Could Solution: Evaded ‘The Emergency landing’, Made You 7 Crores Richer & Simplified ‘The Mammoth Task’?

    Point to Ponder- 1:

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