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    Trends Driving Progressive Change within the EPC industry

    Mahesh Venkatraman No Comments Nov 25,2015 Ramco ERP Suite

    The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) industry has been continuously evolving over the last few decades as a result of tremendous changes happening in the business and technology areas of this industry. Technology has taken rapid strides but disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobility have necessitated complete transformation of this industry vertical. Business models have also been changing immensely over the years. In addition, emergence of new players and expansion of...

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    Equipment Rental Industry – getting ready to be disrupted?

    Equipment Rental Industry has been growing in US and in many other parts of the world. The size of market in US is already USD40bn while in Europe it is Euro23bn+. These are markets with reasonably high rental penetration – US has 53% while UK in excess of 75%. Consider a market like India, where Rental Penetration is around 10% but GDP is growing at 7%+ and is expected to grow at an even faster rate in the coming years. This presents a huge opportunity for growth of Equipment Rental Industry...

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    Reliability & Risk Management with Ramco’s EAM

    Harit Kumar No Comments Aug 25,2015 Ramco ERP Suite

    Most often best-in-class EAM/CMMS systems fail to make the crucial connect with real time assets condition and operations, focusing instead on conventional measures like number of outstanding Work Orders, task completion against standards and norms or MRO inventory costs. The need to improve asset reliability and boost asset uptime and availability are of utmost importance. The future is for Internet of Things (IoT) data driven organization. The ultimate goal of an Asset Reliability Program is...

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    Sourcing/Procurement - Social Collaboration

    Jaswin Sood Singh No Comments Jul 22,2015 Ramco ERP Suite

    In this post, I have made an attempt to present an ideation on the concept of using social media to run e-procurement related queries, campaigns and RFx's cycles. This thereby will render a channel of Sourcing Social Collaboration integrated with Enterprise ERP suites to fulfil all sourcing business function requirements. The below PDF connotes the feasibility to access and utilise professional social networks for facilitating Key sourcing procurement decision making.

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    ERP Taxation now gets Multi country Flavor

    Asia Pacific is known for its history and culturally rich heritage. Post the World Wars, APAC has shown tremendous growth and proved itself as the emerging economic strength in Global business scenario. Most of the MNCs make it a priority to do business in this area and have set up regional hubs to make the best use out of the market. However, the biggest challenge or bottleneck these multinational organizations face are the complexities in the regional tax and regulatory systems. For example,...

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