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    Securing Hardware Using Software

    Balaji Sakkarai No Comments Aug 26,2013 Ramco GRP Suite

    Educational institutions, Government organizations, Hospitals etc… are being computerized nowadays. The usage of computers has become more a necessity than a need. The maintenance and security of hardware has become an important aspect for senior management. Considering the security aspects, it is necessary to understand the Application Program Interface, more commonly known as API.

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    If Not Now, Then When?

    The administrative skill is one of the chief factors to accomplish success in any type of operations. When an inventive approach is required to administer even small scale operations successfully, imagine the level of intricacy with a large scale operation, say by the government, should set strategies to achieve the same. As a matter of fact, any ruling party of the local government will not venture on this aspect, as it is one of the decisive factors in determining the fate of one’s reign. The...

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    Transition from Smart System to Smart World & Next to Smart Sensor

    Let’s presume there were two worlds where one is the digital reflection of the other. The real world is dappled with sensors, whereas the digital world is an identical structural build of the software. Indeed, this is the vision of many foreign countries. The commendable fact is that the real and digital worlds are converging. The ingenious inventions of connected sensors, cameras, and ubiquitous wireless networks are the working proof of it.

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    When we don’t pay our bills, then what?

    Part II

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    When We Don’t Pay Our Bills, Then What?

    Part I

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