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    Stop chasing the score. It’s time you change the Game

    All eyes and ears stood frozen on him. It was the penalty round. This way or that way, he debated in his mind. One wrong stroke would mean the next player will decide the fate. But one right stroke would mean his team would snatch the trophy, right there.

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    Are you shoehorning a generic ERP for your Services business?

    Ranjan Tayal No Comments May 28,2015 Services, Ramco HCM Suite

    Tailors are supposed to make any wrong size fit with needles, tucks, pins and scissors. But do you walk in a wrong size with as much confidence?

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    Expectation From A Leader

    Leadership to me is leading people, influencing people, commanding people, guiding people. The different ways of leading are by position, personality, charisma, moral example, power held etc… An intellectual leader should always be able to accomplish things swiftly and smoothly. Leaders focus on people, do the right things, inspire, motivate people and build sharp entities. But being a leader is not all about motivating and inspiring, but leaders also have to make some very crucial decisions...

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    How to Improve Self Confidence

    The first and foremost thing for a confident person is his or her personal hygiene. Right from your hair, fingers and skin keep them clean and well maintained. Take care of your skin by taking proper food and drink enough water. Then comes the dressing part wear clothes that fit you well. Do not ware loose or baggy type of pants. Good posture has an immediate and lasting impact on your confidence. Always hold your head high, do not bend and walk. This will boost up your confidence. Walk smartly...

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    Time Management

    Time management plays a vital role in every organization. Unclear objectives, disorganization and inability to say no are obstacles of time management. Frequent interruptions and periods of inactivity are some more obstacles for effective time management. How can we overcome this?

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