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    Tech In Logistics: Part 2- Exceeding Customer Expectations

    We started our seven blog series on Logistics, Tech In Logistics, starting with a blog on Managing the Dynamic Environment. This blog is the second in the series & covers another important aspect in the logistics space. With most logistic influencers clamoring for attention - from globalization to competitive markets - one unlikely contender suddenly rose to prominence as being one of the most significant performance indicators and a key differentiator of every logistics provider. This...

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    BYOD: The Individual Differentiator

    What keeps you stand out, is how you standout from the rest.

    This is not just by building a big team, or providing a long roadmap, promising the globe and delivering the town. Its all about surprising those who believe in you and making them appreciate internally that they have made a good choice in you.

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    Improving Field Service Dramatically

    Field service is the elephant in the room when it comes to organizational efficiency. Even though leadership is frequently fixated at the two extremes of the supply chain—that is, production and consumption—it is in field service that most of the resources are being exhausted. And most of the times, the output is poor. Instead of keeping on pumping manpower into it, perhaps it’s time to give it a critical look and do something different.

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    10 Emerging Trends in ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) isn’t a hyped concept anymore. It’s reality, and it’s here to stay. Knowing the emerging trends in ERP provides the opportunity to understand what one should do in their enterprise to achieve the desired results from an ERP implementation. So, what are the top 10 emerging trends in ERP?

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    Accelerating the Service to Execution Cycle

    Customers are, without a second thought, the most important part of a business. Building a loyal customer base has long term gains, especially for retail businesses. A fluid service to execution process is thus vital for a business to be successful. A manual system to sort complaints and allocations is highly inefficient when there are over a hundred customers with a high frequency of service calls. The velocity, volume and variety of complaints would eventually reach a tipping point. Managing...

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