Tools for Marketing Your Strategy Effectively

    Marketing one's strategy internally is a must these days to win the adherence of parties involved in its implementation. Nowadays we have many tools to explain, remind and engage lower level executives in a company to a strategy.

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    Marketing a Strategy Internally

    ‘Strategy’ is a great word but it should be used with caution. It has its own definition at different levels of the organization. A company will have many strategies in place to sail through today’s highly competitive business environment.

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    Now, the Buzz is about Business Intelligence

    Historically, many Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives have been IT-driven, and much of the focus within the industry has been on the technical aspects of delivering information to the BI user community.

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    Women in their Workplace - Redefining Work Culture

    We keep hearing about organizations leveraging the power of IT to improve their efficiency. A recent edition of the Times Ascent carried an article on how, in today’s world, organizations are trying to leverage on the strength of women to improve their working culture! “Listening and empathizing are qualities of a woman’s personality and organizations are leveraging these very strengths and more by exploring their potential to the fullest”, the excerpt says. Kavitha Suresh, Senior Manager,...

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    Green Benefits of SaaS based ERP

    SaaS-based ERP systems enable organizations to contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing three key green measurable – energy consumption, paper and print supply usage, and carbon emissions from commuting.

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    Forging Partnerships All the Way

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 24,2011 Others

    At Ramco, we strategically work with select partners who focus on solution, sales and implementation. Partners form an integral part of our business and they provide presales, sales and implementation & support services. Our partner model gives the flexibility and comfort to prospective partners to choose the type of partnership they are comfortable with: Ramco Sales Partner – focused on sales, Ramco Implementation Partner – focused on implementation and support and Ramco Solution Partner --...

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    Manufacturing - 5 Key Elements for the Right ERP Solution

    Choosing the right ERP solution for your manufacturing operations is a very important decision, one that you will be forced to live with for years to come. It is essential to evaluate the key elements that will make the choice a success.

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    Vision: It Makes a Big Difference

    A company vision is critical to provide a clear business direction. It articulates what you want for your business — what it will look like in the future. A vision is idealistic — how big the company will grow, how it will be perceived by the outside world. Without a clear vision, a company simply floats along aimlessly with no specific goal. Employees become disfranchised, customers drift and management gets frustrated.

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    Logistics and Transportation - Leveraging the Power of IT

    Today the need for leveraging the capacity of IT by the Logistics and Transportation sector to organize the overall functioning of the industry as a whole, is more felt than ever before. Even small and mid-sized companies are looking at investing in IT to develop their business. Though the transition has been slow, Ramco Systems is one of the few companies that have made their presence felt when it comes to offering solutions to the logistics space.

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    ERP Know More - Practical Understanding and Adherence to Processes

    Practical understanding of the system means that a person should have a good appreciation of the Function (purchase or sales etc), a fundamental appreciation of how IT can enable the function in question, and finally good systems training on as many business scenarios as possible.

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    Google Science Fair 2011 - Vote for Tanmay Shankar!

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 16,2011 News

    Congratulations to Tanmay Shankar, son of Mr. R. Shankar, Executive Vice President-India, Middle East & Africa, Ramco Systems, who has made it to the semifinals of the Google Science Fair 2011, an international online science exhibition and competition conducted by Google! His project, titled "Cutting Edge Technology", in the age group of 17 - 18 years, has been selected as one of 60 semifinalists from 7500+ entries across the globe. Tanmay has just finished his 12th standard. His project is...

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    ERP Know More - Cultural Change After IT/Automation Adoption

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 13,2011 Technology, ERP Know More, Others

    In the beginning, we said IT enables complex computations and information sharing. Complex computations can be successful only when information needed for computation is (a) accurate and (b) timely. Information sharing can be successful only when the supplying the information to a consumer knows and understand the criticality and is incented to do so accurately.

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    ERP Know More - Technology Transfer Process

    The previous post gave an inkling of the importance of technology and infrastructure and factors we need to consider to build various customer systems. Through an appropriate transfer of technology, the overall cost of training and maintenance costs in the near and far future can be reduced.

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    ERP Know More - Technology and Infrastructure

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    Walking a Tightrope - Women and Work-life Balance

    Balancing career and family has always been a challenging task that has evolved with time. Today, the need for a proper work-life balance is more pronounced, since more and more women around the world handle competent job profiles across organizations ranging from Corporate houses to Kindergarten schools. Having a successful career and a loving home to return to at the same time is no mean feat – because a woman steers the unit called “Family” especially in the Indian context. Unfortunately,...

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    ERP Know More - Effective Stake Holder Centric Training

    In continuation with our previous post on Effectively Training Employees for IT and Automation, this post deals with Stake Holder centric training.

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    ERP Know More - Training your Employees for IT & Automation

    Training methodologies involve technical and functional training. There cannot be one uniform training instrument and content for all types of stakeholders. The training content and the specific instruments used to impart such training have to be specific to the needs and requirements of the stakeholders impacted by the new system.

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    Spinning Our Way To Glory

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 04,2011 Newsroom, Events, News, Media Coverage
    Mr. M. Raghuraman and Mr. R. Srinivasan from Ramco Systems collecting the award from Mr. Arun Jain, Polaris Software
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    ERP Know More - SMEs and the Public Cloud

    Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) organizations definitely benefit when they subscribe to a public cloud model. This model lets them have the full power of the ERP (from a cloud ready ERP such as Ramco OnDemand ERP) and its best practices, which they can pay for on an OPEX model (per user per month price). The product, hardware, upgrades etc are all maintained and managed by the vendor. The SME does not need to have vertical capabilities (IT Resources and People) to maintain their ERP or IT...

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    ERP Know More - Enhancing Business Through ERP

    Cloud Computing has transformed the way businesses function. The true potential of the cloud lies in separating technology plumbing from the high-level logic that matters most to the business. And it allows business users to envision and deliver high-paced performance and growth like never before. We are proud to have pioneered in moving ERP to the Cloud!

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