Cloud a great value addition for SMEs

    SMEs may not have the energies to maintain IT teams that in turn maintain IT systems, and 'the cloud pay-per-use' model allows them to expense it out.

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    Backing Up Mobile Devices

    While IT companies are in the habit of backing up their servers and workstations, the increasing use of mobile devices calls for a similar strategy to be developed. What makes it more challenging is that mobile devices are usually used to work remotely, and so backups are mostly left to the end-users only.

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    Proactive Patch Management

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 29,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Patching is very important from the standpoint of security, because it’s often the unpatched operating system and software that come under attack and are compromised. That said, patching needs to be taken up as a discipline in itself, and maximizing security through patching falls under the purview of patch management.

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    Effective Security Measurement

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 28,2012 Best Practices

    Putting together a security policy and implementing a program is only half the battle. The way enterprise security goes these days, it’s important to be able to gauge just how effective your security program is.

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    Tips on Using a Protocol Analyzer

    Sometimes the best way to troubleshoot and protect a network is by examining individual data packets in detail. This low-level security is made possible by using a protocol analyzer, which allows you to see the very bits and bytes being carried around in data packets.

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    Does cloud computing cause disintermediation?

    The role of powerful intermediaries at ERP is level is that they could act as guarantors of performance or SMEs who suggest a logical approach to the cloud.

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    Network Security Checklist

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 23,2012 Best Practices, Others

    “Is your enterprise network secure?”

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    Selecting the Right Database Solution

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 22,2012 Best Practices, Others

    Working with data efficiently is not easy, and given the numerous options in the market, many companies feel lost when it comes to finalizing on a database solution. There are open source solutions, propriety solutions, and specialized solutions. How do you decide which one is best for your organization?

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    Effective Workload Automation

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 21,2012 Services

    A typical IT department has to run and manage various types of workloads. Further, most of these happen to be mission-critical tasks that must be automated. Given the plethora of applications and services that need to be managed, job scheduling can easily become a challenge for IT administrators.

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    Understanding Customer Data Integration

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 18,2012 Ramco ERP Suite

    Almost all CRM implementations today aim for CDI (Customer Data Integration). The reason is clear: collecting data from various channels about the customer is the important first step in moving towards “customer intimacy”, which is made possible only through customer data integration. At the same time, CDI forms an essential part of the Master Data Management (MDM) strategy of an enterprise.

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    Cloud is elastic, can accommodate more items

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 17,2012 ERP On Cloud

    [caption id="attachment_4665" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Cloud is elastic, can accommodate more items"][/caption]

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    Selecting the Right Virtualized Project Management Tool

    With virtual becoming a mainstay for many IT companies, there is now a gradual shift towards project management also going virtual. That makes sense also from the business perspective, as projects today are spread across geographies and virtual management is an optimum solution.

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    Tips for Safe Browsing

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 15,2012 Latest Trends, Others

    The bevy of security software in any modern workplace—firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware—can give a sense of adequate security. But the truth is that with newer methods of cyber attacks being discovered, workstations are never fully safe when online. What enterprises need is not more faith on their security measures, but constant vigilance.

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    Understanding Full Disk Encryption

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 14,2012

    Data protection is the prime goal of computer security, and by far the best method developed for this is encryption. The idea is to change the contents of the data so that it remains unintelligible even if an attacker gains access. However, the traditional practice of software-based encryption is vulnerable to several types of attacks, such as side-channel attacks, hardware keyloggers, acoustic cryptanalysis, etc. This calls for a more secure and fundamental type of encryption – full disk...

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    Security Policy Tips

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 11,2012

    A strong security policy is not only a recommended enterprise practice, but also goes a long way in safeguarding the corporate assets from being compromised. But forming an effective yet flexible security policy is not an easy task. Besides having the larger picture in mind, it is also essential to account for unforeseen, small security loopholes.

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    Successful Risk Management

    Risk management emerges as a crucial activity when managing agile projects. The inherent flexibility of a system, while being a great asset, calls for keeping a sharp eye on risk from the very early stages. This is more so relevant when enterprises move to relatively new technologies like virtualization and cloud computing.

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    Cloud ERP Helps Reduce Cost

    Cloud ERP helps reduce cost
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    Ramco helps Adani Logistics streamline functions

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 09,2012 Case Studies, Knowledge Bank

    Ramco Systems partnered with Adani Logistics to integrate different logistical functions of the business, and optimize consignment handling and re-handling. Cycle times were reduced and problems associated with version control were eliminated.

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    Why Customer Intimacy is Important

    Various studies on social media and other marketing methods confirm that while businesses think they are doing enough by reaching out, customers still feel neglected. The reason is that marketing methods are yet to become truly customer-centric, and instead rely on influencing the customer into buying a particular product or service. That doesn’t always bring the desired result, and it makes repeat business hard to come by.

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    Should You Outsource Security Testing?

    Security is becoming an all-important feature of every enterprise solution, and IT companies are looking for ways to scale up without losing focus. The question is, are you better off outsourcing security testing or doing it on your own? It turns out the decision is not that easy, and requires an understanding of the contemporary testing techniques such as code scanning.

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    Top Myths about Tiered Storage

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 04,2012

    Tiered storage is a viable alternative to popular storage architectures when it comes down to optimizing storage devices and minimizing costs. But for many enterprises the whole idea is not understood clearly, resulting in some myths about how tiered storage works.

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    CRM Software Implementation: Doing it Right

    The right CRM software implementation is central to the success of an enterprise. But the fact remains that most implementations are a nuisance and end up failing in their objectives. To do it right calls for a well thought-out corporate strategy to understand how the CRM system fits the company’s requirements. As such, the activities done before the implementation are as important as the implementation itself.

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    Cloud computing is here to rock

    Admin Kripaa No Comments May 02,2012
    This blog is part of the series on IT empowerment for small and medium businesses as featured on, India's most trusted portal for IT companies. Mr Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer for Ramco Systems, builds on his experience of enterprise solutions.
    The technologies referred...
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