Moneyball Moment in HR

    HR has traditionally never been associated as a data driven department. We primarily associate it with softer side aspects of managing an organization, be it training, interviewing, employee engagement and talent management. However, this is changing with a more networked society, and transparency of information with employees. The market dynamics is demanding that organizations become agile, nimble and leaner to take on unexpected competitors.

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    Safety is always a predominant concern in aviation industry. All airlines keep an eye on their fleet to ensure that everything goes safe. Even though aircrafts are subjected to strict maintenance programs, flaws do persists in aviation. Various air accident episodes from past to present age, points to this.

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    Ship or Shelf

    It’s a well-known fact that the maintenance spend covers about 12-14% of the total operating costs for an airline. Hence, comes the point how efficiently and how effectively airlines can manage their maintenance costs.

    When we talk about maintenance costs, one of the key factors to increase the maintenance cost is No Fault Found (NFF) cases. Recent market study shows that NFF cases directly impact the organizational maintenance cost by 39% in terms of Man Hours Cost, 37% in terms of Repair Cost...

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    Is technology an enabler for HR?

    In the last decade, technology’s impact on the way the world lives, interacts and engages has changed every rule of the game. For industry, and HR, the impact is two-fold: If done right, technology’s ability to support scale and minimize risk is unmatched, potentially enabling CHROs to focus on key strategic areas as processes are enabled at the back end by technologies, now available on tap, as it were. Equally fundamental is the ability of technology to predict employee behaviour patterns and...

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