Six Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Logistics: Force 5 -The Evolution of ‘Uberization’ of Logistics

    The world of logistics is moving to an on demand…call it an ‘Uberized’ model… where owning traditional assets is no longer a requirement to be a viable logistics company. A competitor to a traditional logistics service provider need not just be another LSP, but can be any platform provider or technology company that can aggregate supply and demand in one place and meet a customer’s requirement. This could look ideal or theoretical to a few but it is not impossible. To compete, all LSPs need...

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    Six Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future of Logistics: Force 4 - Importance of Data Security in the GDPR Era

    Data. The very thing that lubricates the supply chain, especially in logistics and transportation, may cause the greatest security threat to the process it is enhancing. Data security issues in logistics can be identified and managed, albeit with some hurdles and planning. In this article I will address some of the issues that we are confronting today surrounding data security, and also identify some upcoming challenges for the logistics industry with the impending General Data Protection...

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