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Being in the Right Place at the Right Time


We have already discussed about the increasing popularity of ERP implementations in the SME sector and why organizations should take the SaaS route. One of the reasons for a growing SaaS-based ERP market is the fast paced growth of the SME market itself. Since 2003-04, the number of SMEs has grown 25% to 139 million enterprises.

Some of the momentum around SaaS based ERP also picked up because of the economic slow-down a couple of years ago. Most SME businesses are export-focused and were badly hit sometime in 2008-09 when export markets dried up. SaaS-based ERP ever since has emerged as one of the ways for SMEs to cut costs and still grow.

The Business World has listed Ramco Systems as the Number One vendor to call for SaaS based ERP. As the market for cloud products grows, so will their capabilities in terms of security and customizations. The scramble among ERP companies to launch cloud-based solutions in the market is the evidence. And SMEs could probably be better off getting to the cloud to transform their businesses!

And the saga continues…

To know more about Ramco’s SaaS-based ERP, visit

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