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Cloud Computing and the Service Provider Ecosystem


Despite the advancements in technologies and the increasing sophistication of public cloud–based services, for a service provider to deliver a holistic offering that will entirely address all of these concerns is no mean task. End-user concern will be addressed and alleviated only within a collaborative ecosystem. With service providers on the back end of the ecosystem, such as infrastructure providers offering compute and storage as a service, a framework of partnership is developing to bridge gaps in capabilities regarding the complete user experience, particularly as it relates to expanding levels of control with regard to performance, security, availability, and cost.

Ultimately, the ecosystem of service providers working with complementary technology and solutions providers can provide a faster, more secure, more reliable, and potentially less expensive public cloud experience centered precisely on the following benefits,

Peace of mind — by maintaining options for cloud users and control of data, metadata, and encryption keys

Predictability — by guaranteeing local access, minimizing the impact of network on performance, and enabling quick recovery

Practicality — by integrating cloud solutions with existing data management and protection applications and strategies

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