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The Complete Eco-System powered by Cloud Computing AVM SUMMIT- Nov 8’ 2012


In the recently concluded AVM-summit held in London, Ramco attended and presented in the MRO Technology track. The MRO technology track primarily targeted how to harness the power of aviation maintenance-related software. Presentations were held on new developments in technology, products and successful product implementation experiences. I represented Ramco Systems and chose to share insights on the aviation ecosystem powered by cloud computing. Key sessions covered implementations, Health monitoring, RFID tagging project used in Engine Maintenance, 3D technologies in training, legal implications in MRO and Operator data handling, and new technologies like Mobile computing, Cloud computing and Big Data.

The Complete Eco-System powered by Cloud Computing AVM SUMMIT- Nov 8’ 2012 The Complete Eco-System powered by Cloud Computing
AVM SUMMIT- Nov 8’ 2012


The aviation eco system and cloud computing:

With the growing prominence of cloud computing, there is yet another form of collaborative commerce that is opening up – The Complete Eco-System. Various industry segments have started to embrace and capitalize on the benefits of these opportunities. We already experience some of the benefits in our personal & professional life. Banking has extended from branches to on-line and now to mobile devices. Corporate expense management software vendors have moved from on-premise installations to the cloud and are collaborating with other cloud providers like on-line banking and travel agents to provide a seamless end-to-end travel solution covering expense management, corporate credit card and mobile device integrations for receipt scanning. Aviation industry has historically been slow to adopt new technologies, particularly due to the heavy regulations and established business practices around the regulations it has been the same with regards to cloud computation.

Our presentation highlighted cloud technology adaptation in other industries not just with regards to a single software, but how multiple cloud service providers collaborate to provide an eco-system and huge benefits to the end customer. We also looked forward to how the same can be applied within the aviation industry between the various players including OEMs, Operators, MRO, inventory and logistic service providers, CAMO organizations, regulatory agencies etc. We also looked at key stumbling blocks towards achieving this, and enablers and advances in technology that are turning the obstacles around.

It is time the aviation world at large embraces an environment where the complete chain of businesses within the aviation industry co-exist and interact. This will help businesses concentrate on their core competencies and benefit from the competencies of others in the eco-system. Though not a completely new concept, this is a call to renew our current thinking and build a system to break the barriers and forge ahead.

Author: Praveen P N, Sr. Consultant - Presales, Ramco Aviation



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