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ERP for an Educational Institution - A RODE case study


When it comes to educational institutions, we are dealing with an entirely different crowd compared to manufacturing, production or services industry. Every educational institution consists of students, faculty and administrative staff. In addition to this core set of people, the institutions also deal with parents, alumni and suppliers for various requirements.

Data can be categorized in different ways – student data, faculty data, departmental data etc. These different categories of data are interlinked. In order to ensure efficiency in these processes and to reduce errors due to manual intervention, educational institutions can opt for ERP solutions. In addition, ERP implementation will also provide the management with a consolidated view not only about students but also about the faculty, the overall performance of a class in every subject, financial affairs of the institution and a lot more to aid in effective decision-making.

Check out how the educational institution Arsha Vidya Mandir chose to implement Ramco OnDemand ERP to efficiently automate and integrate its processes. This case study will provide better inputs regarding ERP for educational institutions and the various advantages.

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