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ERP for Green Supply Chain Management


Modern industry is not only about optimum production and best manufacturing methods only. The environment footprint involved in the processes is getting increasing consideration from governments and investors like. For example, in a circular issued by the ministry of corporate affairs last year, email was approved as a medium for servicing compliance documents. Such developments mean that going forward, enterprises need to not only reduce the environment footprint, but also be able to capture and report this data.

Capturing environment footprint

The environmental impact of logistics reaches beyond the manufacturer’s production site. Right from transportation to packaging, shelf-life, as well as disposal, all the intermediate steps add to it, and need to be captured and addressed. This calls for the role of a good ERP solution in identifying as well as forecasting the energy needs as well as documenting the green policy at different stages of the product lifecycle. In other words, even if you procure raw materials from an external manufacturer, you need to include that environment footprint data when capturing the same for your processes.

The need for better ERP

Organization can start off with capturing and reporting environment footprint with the help of their existing ERP solution, provided it enables them to record the products and processes in enough detail. However, in order to make sure that future processes do not become complicated, as well as to handle scalability, there is need for ERP vendors to build in footprint capture and reporting. This will save the costs and hassles associated with upgrading or integrating later on.

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