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ERP Know More - Technology and Infrastructure


There are various software components using a set of technologies, being put together to arrive at the configuration meeting the customer system requirements. In order to use the system effectively and to support it on a day-to-day basis, it is essential that the customer personnel themselves have in-depth knowledge of the various components of the system. The training requirements of the customer staff have been planned and organized keeping this objective in mind.

A mix of classroom training, practical training and some on-the-job training will achieve the transfer of technology. Ramco Systems is committed to working closely with the identified customer IT staff and/or end-users during different stages of the project.

We have to take the current IT infrastructure, skills of the current IT personnel at the customer and the technical architecture standards before architecting the various the customer systems. We believe that through an appropriate transfer of technology, the overall cost of training and maintenance costs in the near and far future can be reduced.

So, what exactly do we mean by 'Transfer of Technology'? Watch this space for more...

Contributed by : K. Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems

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ERP Know More - Technology Transfer Process

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