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Fine-Tuning Cloud Application Performance


Given the remote connection model of the cloud, application performance becomes critical. Irrespective of the type of hardware employed at the vendor’s end, the performance is going to depend on various network parameters. For instance, a high-latency network can undermine the whole purpose of a cloud implementation, even though it might use the most efficient resources available.

Can something be done to improve application performance in the cloud? Yes, and here are some suggestions:

  • Focus on architecture: The features you offer are of course important, but understand that the real commodity being sold is the network. This means component design needs to be emphasized, taking into consideration that most of the architecture is distributed. A good design paves the way for a fast, robust implementation.
  • Be skeptical: Just because the vendor tells you that a certain product has high network performance doesn’t mean it has. Test things on your own, and only when you are satisfied should you make the purchase. On the same note, you shouldn’t take any of the SLAs also at face value, and should instead see that they are observed.
  • Data management: Cloud can become a costly alternative if you move everything to it. A better solution is to put into place data management strategies that control what type and size of data gets to live in the cloud, which will improve network performance and also minimize expenditures.

Performance is everything in the cloud. Make sure you have this under control as you finalize a cloud vendor.

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