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Galloping Ahead


Ramco Systems has been in forefront of providing innovative business solutions that can in a cost-effective and efficient manner help manage complex business environments. Part of the multi-million dollar Ramco Group, Ramco Systems has carved a niche for itself as the only home-grown ERP player in the global market. Started as an R&D division of Ramco Industries Limited, Ramco Systems today has grown to 800+ customers, 14 offices and 1400+ employees.

Ramco’s success story is further reiterated by the growing market response and the media support, we have been receiving. Testimony to this is the recent issue of Business India magazine which features an in-depth article on Ramco Systems from Page 76 – 81. It is a detailed feature that reviews the various product lines, customer experiences, and management view points. The high point of the article is the industry take on our strategy to go the Cloud route.

Posted by: Garima Sinha

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Galloping Ahead
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