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Happily Ever After - RODE helps Sujana in its ‘steely’ resolve to be among the best!


If you’ve ever run shoulder to shoulder in a race, you’ll know just how important the little details are. All too often, the line between the good, better and best is very, very thin. Join Sujana Metal Products Limited (SMPL) in its quest to find out what sets the ‘best’ player a cut above the rest.

Shouldering heavy after day

As a leading manufacturer of TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars that are used in construction, infrastructure and other sectors, SMPL knows the importance of the ‘little details’. After all, in this competitive industry, every little ounce matters! What started as a re-rolling mill soon grew to a sophisticated and automated multi-location, multi-functional organization. The fast-track growth has not been easy and the company has had to deal with a vast number of challenges, the biggest being better control over business operations.

When SMPL started operations in 1988, they took a very traditional approach and most of the processes were manual. As they went by to expand their operations and the product range they began to feel the burden of relying on their strength. Over the last 20 odd years, the company has catered to a number of high-profile clients and has clinched its position as a a leading secondary steel producer within the country. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and ensures strict quality control through a three-stage inspection system at each of the production stages. There is also a provision to conduct inspections at 8 to 10 stages during any manufacturing process.

Though the company did have routine technology systems in place to handle its management related processes, these were far from sufficient to handle the increase in transaction volumes and operational expenses.. They did not have time to stop and gear up as this would mean loss of time. What was needed was a robust technology parnter who could ‘fit them up’ while they kept racing. SMPL needed To create a culture of having a readily available organizational database that the employees across locations could refer to. They also needed To make a distinct move towards being a futuristic company that was scalable and flexible, and that could adapt to and meet growth/expansion-related challenges.

Moreover, the company, which had a capacity of 45,000 tonnes of steel per month, was getting set to enhance the production capacity to 1 lakh tonnes per month. Mr.Manivannan Anandan, VP, Operations, SMPL says, “With such a tall order, we knew that we had to rope in the power of technology, we had to unleash the full potential of our company, we had to outdo our performance in the last two decades!”

What happened next? Watch this space for more on how Ramco OnDemand ERP helped Sujana Metal Products Limited to get to where they are today…

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