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Hop on to The Cloud Bandwagon


Any one stepping foot into the world of IT today knows that they stand a much better chance of making it if they have a skill set that includes the Cloud. According to a research report by Wanted Analytics - a talent research firm, the demand for talent with Cloud computing skill set has increased tremendously in the last quarter of 2011.

The report says that about 3300 job ads were posted online by employers and search firms for cloud computing skill requirements. Some of the verticals that now require Cloud computing skills are that of sales, marketing, research and those that are technically based.

There is a demand for Cloud-ready employees from businesses of all sizes that are trying to make it to the next level. Major IT corporations have launched certification programs in Cloud computing along with training majors in India to launch learning programs on the Cloud.

The most common requirements in Cloud Computing are that of programmers and computer specialists. The recent boom in Cloud computing has also created jobs for expertise in software and cloud based applications.

With time, there will be several more applications for The Cloud, and getting a strong foundation in it will help in furthering the career of any young professional interested in moving with the times.

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