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Know what you write - II


For those who have read my previous blog: I heard you guys say “well of course, all of us do have a definitive vision on what we write, when we sit down to write.” By the way, for those who haven’t read my previous blog—scroll down, read it, and get back up here; what are you waiting for, Christmas?

Well, so I assume you do have quite a clear-cut idea on what you want to convey. But when you actually put it down on a paper, why does it mess up? Have you ever given a thought about this?

For most part, what people conceive in their heads is not what they write on paper. Why do we face this lack of coordination between thoughts and words? It’s because of the indifference a lot of people show towards reading material that is CONCISE.

Let me explain why I’m saying this. A lot of us are unaware of the existence of a certain quirky section of people. And, who exactly are they?? They are the ones who believe that they exhibit extreme intelligence when they write long (by long I mean painfully long) sentences. I can almost hear you grunt in disapproval. How long can these sentences get to be so awful?? People, trust me on this, I’ve once read a single sentence which went onto 63 words. When I reached the end of the sentence, I forgot what the beginning was about. This is typically what you do to any reader, when you write such agonizingly long sentences. So, the first mantra you need to remember while writing is—KEEP IT SHORT.

Short sentences are easy to read and comprehend. And you can be pretty sure that you sustain your reader’s attention, throughout. How short should these sentences be?? An effective sentence doesn’t get any longer than 21 words.

So, does it mean that if you kept your sentences short, you can be a great writer??
Well, for now, I can only say that there’s more to writing, than just concise writing.

Therefore, continue reading our space.

Posted By: Shireesha

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